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A word From The CFO

We at H & S Tax Accounting, Inc. realize that there are an overwhelming amount of taxpayers who are in debt to the IRS, living in fear with seemingly no hope of ever being able to resolve it and move forward with their life. We find very few taxpayers who are dishonest or trying to defraud the IRS but their problems are snowballing with no end in sight causing them to avoid the IRS and living in the terror that the IRS would show up on the door or confiscate their personal assets at any time. They could neither represent themselves nor afford the high attorney fees. We have set a precedent of excellence service of affordable prices. We have combined both the highest degree of ethical standards of professionalism while remaining a very personal company. Each client is given individual attention and excellence in service.

Best Regards,

Shawn Shahsavari, EA, CFE

President and CFO

H & S Tax Accounting, Inc.


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